SoundMeBrown is a project of David Cadenas, Dj and Spanish music producer, is a product of the fusion of electronic music influenced by the "House", the "Techno" and the "Ambient" more synthetic in an analog environment to give rise to a "underground" sound. Influenced by artists such as "Max Cooper" or "Kiasmos" among others, he discovers artists such as "Rival Consoles" or "Stephan Bodzin" that make them experiment with other aspects of electronic music, giving rise to this style of their own. Editing on big labels like "Modulator" (London), or "Insert Coin", "Ole Music" with its other renown both nationally and internationally, reproduced in the biggest places of the world by great artists of the audiovisual scene like "German Pavelek "," Juanki Garcia "," Astral Darkness "," Aliens on Earth "and many more. 


SoundMeBrown es un proyecto de David Cadenas, Dj y productor musical español, es un producto de la fusión de música electrónica influenciada por el "House", el "Techno" y el "Ambient" mas sintetico en un entorno analogico para dar lugar a un sonido "underground". Influenciado por artistas de la talla de "Max Cooper" o "Kiasmos" entre otros, descubre artistas como "Rival Consoles" o "Stephan Bodzin" que hacen experimentar con otros aspectos de la música electrónica dando lugar a este estilo propio. Editando en grandes como sellos "Modulator" (London), o "Insert Coin", "Ole Music" con su otro renombre tanto a nivel nacional como internacional, reproducidos en los mayores lugares del mundo por grandes artistas de la escena audiovisual como "German Pavelek", "Juanki Garcia" , "Astral Darkness ", "Aliens on Earth" y muchos mas.